Become "Intimate" with les gens d'Uterpan

By joining the "Intimates" of les gens d'Uterpan, you will be showing your attachment to the company's work and participating in the development of all their projects.


> Les Intimes

Why become an intimate of the gens d'Uterpan?

- Because their work is at the frontier of dance and contemporary art and they respond to the expectations of both with the same intensity.
- Because their work questions the mechanisms of cultural actions in the public space.
- Because their creative research, their reflection provoked by their art, are vectors of innovation in our society.
- Because they know how to break rules, cross boundaries, because they constantly question conventions and established wisdom.
- Because their position makes people react and thus provides a view of the world we live in, like a mirror held out to us.
- To sum it up, because our desire for a hybrid, creative, irreverent, even revolutionary world, resonates with their work and research

The advantages:

- participation in a series of events reserved for the Intimates
- invitations to convivial meetings with other Intimates
- free subscription to the newsletter
- a privileged access to the choreographers and dancers of the company


Friends: the annual membership fee costs 60 €, 90 € for a couples
Supporters: the annual membership fee costs 120 €, 180 € for couples

To become a member, you can contacts us or download a membership form on-line >here<