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First publication of 40 copies, 20 copies French / 20 copies English, with ISBN number.

Imposteurs is a monographic treaty that provides an interpretation and an experience of the works produced between January 2005 and September 2012 by the choreographers Annie Vigier and Franck Apertet (les gens d'Uterpan).

Printed on one continuous piece of fabric that measures 260 x 305 cm, this publication gives access to a number of mechanisms related to the pieces that have been created. It provides critical commentaries and notes written by various authors, players and witnesses, in the fields of dance and the fine arts, as well as elements related to the work process and to the organization of the company les gens d'Uterpan.

The iconographic dimension of the publication is accessible by contacting directly the choreographers. They will propose a meeting in person with the acquirer of the edition during which they will complete the contents, for that person only, along with his or her inner circle, once only.

The reader may consult the publication as it is or make an appointment with the choreographers. If the acquirer is a company or institution, the conditions are maintained in an audience format.

The sale price of one copy, which is not the same for an individual or an organization, includes the performed monograph which is part of the contents. The price might differ depending of the value of the edition and the evolution of the art market.

Photos : Steeve Beckouet
Courtesy : les gens d'Uterpan

Monographic treaty 2005 - 2012 published by CAC Brétigny and Pierre Bal-Blanc
Design VIER5

Box: 39,5 x 31,5 x 5 cm
Silkscreen on cardboard: Kistenpappe 1.060 gr/m2

Folded printed black and white piece of fabric 260 x 305 cm

Pierre Bal-Blanc, Cis Bierinckx, Rosita Boisseau, Mari-Mai Corbel, Thibaud Croisy, Rhea Dall, Fabien Dehasseler, Sophie Demeyer, Vanessa Desclaux, Lou Forster, Thomas Hahn, Claire Lahuerta, Marc Lenot, Christophe Martin, Gérard Mayen, Ji Yoon Moon, Philippe Noisette, Sandra Patron, Cédric Schönwald, Judith Souriau, Philippe Verrièle

Specific partners: CAC Brétigny, Conseil général de l'Essonne