A monograph of les gens d'Uterpan (1994 - 2021) under the direction of les gens d’Uterpan

Contributors: Pierre Bal-Blanc, independent curator and essayist, Athens (Greece) and Paris (France); Biljana Ciric independent curator, Shanghai (China); Luk Lambrecht, independent curator, Brussels (Belgium); Karin Mihatsch, head of publication and teacher, Paris (France); Dieter Roelstraete, independent curator and professor, Chicago (USA)

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Uterpan is a monographic treaty, augmented from the work by artists les gens d’Uterpan. Without disagreeing nor revising the principle of incompleteness attached to their artists’ book Imposteurs (2013), Uterpan comes, after eight years to add sections and references which did not appear in the first opus. It allows the editorial and the preface to take a stand. An interview with the artists introduces the motivation for their work, the meaning they gave to their approach, and the interpretation they make of their work.
This book updates the works produced since 2013, evocates works from the very outset career of les gens d’Uterpan, mentions and names the new principle of research and creation called /Anthume and the procedures attached to it.
Publication’s director : Franck Apertet
Editor : Pierre Bal-Blanc
Edition manager and production : Karin Mihatsch
Iconographic archiving : Clément Apertet, Laurent Seigneur
Photo Editor : Josselin Apertet
Design : VIER5 and Achim Reichert (Achi.me)
Printed by : DZA Druckerei zu Altenburg, Germany
Police : Randone
Print Run : 1300
ISBN : 978-2-9579959-0-5
With the support of the French Ministry of Culture and Communication / General directorate for artistic Creation