The Great Learning, paragraphe 5 (1970) of Cornelius Cardew

Directed by Annie Vigier & Franck Apertet and Lore Gablier (in consultation with Michael Parsons)
In the frame of
Cornelius Cardew and the freedom of listening proposed by the CAC Brétigny    >More information<


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The Great Learning
Divided into seven individual works or paragraphs, The Great Learning, written by Cornelius Cardew between 1968 and 1971, is based on the opening seven paragraphs of the Ta Hio, the first of the four books attributed to the Chinese philosopher Confucius. Following a translation by the poet Ezra Pound, the corresponding paragraphs are either spoken or sung and accompanied by, or alternated with, detailed musical interventions that are scored in various ways. These include standard notation, graphic notation, and verbal instructions, sometimes leading to free improvisation. The entire work lasts approximately seven hours, individual paragraphs varying from thirty minutes to two hours.

The paragraphe 5 is based on the principle of a process of interpretation in 3 phases : the dumb show, compositions, free and collective improvisation - intended to prepare exercices for the ultimage goal of the piece : a collective and free improvisation.

Photo 1: CAC Brétigny
Photo: Steeve Beckouet
Courtesy: CAC Brétigny
Photo 2: Künstlerhaus of Stuttgart
Photo: Bernhard Kahrmann
Courtesy: Künstlerhaus de Stuttgart

Culturgest Porto
Courtesy: Culturgest Porto
Photo: Cristina Regadas


November 21th 2009, Künstlerhaus of Stuttgart
Specific partners: Künstlerhaus Stuttgart, Institut français Stuttgart, Institut français Berlin, Bureau de la création artistique - Théâtre et Danse

Mai 29th 2010, Culturgest Porto 
Specific partner: Culturgest Porto

May 16th 2009, CAC Brétigny
Specific partners: Le Générateur, Gentilly, Ecole de musique de Brétigny, Lutherie du quatuor, Avrainville

Performers: Luis Andres Corvalan Correa, Olivier Benhamou, Emilie Bonnaud, Eve Couturier, Thibaud Croisy, Sophie Demeyer, Lore Gablier, Cécile Laloy, Deborah Lary, Steve Paulet, Ananda Quillec, Santiago Reyes, David Zagari