X-Event 0

January 24th 2008, micadanses, Festival Faits d’hiver 2008, Paris, France


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X-Event 0 is an act of exposure programmed by a cultural institution (a theater, festival, etc.) as a conventionally scheduled performance. The normal phases and processes of production, publicity, acquisition, and reservation are observed and implemented, but the stage performance itself does not exist. Instead, by assisting at X-Event 0, the public evinces and manifests its presence within the economic system that underpins, surrounds, and conditions artistic and cultural activity.

On this first presentation, X-Event 0 took place at the studios of micadanses Paris with the collaboration and voluntary participation of seventy-five extras of all ages and backgrounds. By executing precisely timed sets of instructions, these participants enlivened and influenced the course of the evening by pretending to be members of the audience.

Assistants: Sophie Demeyer, Cécile Laloy, Deborah Lary, Guillaume Milhac, Stève Paulet

Photos: Jérome Delatour
Courtesy: Imagesdedanse