Residence at micadanses
Paris, France

Our residency at micadanses, from September 2014 to August 2015, will involve a specific research project called Uchronie. This research introduces a new work principle that follows the X-Event Cycle and the re action process. Uchronie concerns the notion of public space and the standardisation of behavior and physical attitudes in the public sphere. The research takes place this year in close collaboration with the Master Coopération Artistique internationale at the University Paris 8.

During our year in residency, a think tank will be created. There will be workshops open to students at the Paris 8 University, to dancers, to participants in micadanses, a conference and roundtables will be organised. The different phases of research developed with the Master Coopération Artistique Internationale at the Paris 8 University will be published at the end.


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