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A confidential invitation (personal letter) is sent to several operators, actors and persons of responsibility in a given sector.
These personalities are invited to express themselves live and in a totally anonymous fashion (individual booths, voice distortion) concerning the issues and tensions that preoccupy their sector. The guests sign a charter to ensure the event runs smoothly(courtesy, availability, commitment to answer all questions asked of them), which also validates the procedures of personal and collective anonymity.
The guests don't know who the other guests are and will never find out from us.
The piece takes place in total darkness in the presence of an audience who participates.
The debate is hosted live by the choreographers.
January 17th 2010 Nocturne Démocratie put into play the cultural world that sustains, activates and criticises contemporary artistic creation. 10 personalities all representative of the dance and fine arts field (directors, programmers, institutional investors, journalists) performed in this edition.

Photos: Martin Argyroglo Callias Bey
Courtesy: les gens d'Uterpan


January 17th 2010, Micadanses, Paris, France
Festival Faits d'Hiver 2010
Specific partner : Micadanses Paris - Festival Faits d'hiver 2010