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Parterre intrudes freely on a previously scheduled event with no advance notice given to the venue that is to host it. The piece unfolds among the audience of a theater, lecture, or other performance at the moment when the audience has taken its seats in the stands. After announcing the title, the names of the choreographers, and the identity of one of the historical sponsors of the piece, the dancers walk to the top of the stands and then glide down toward the front of the stage on the seat backs and the spectators’ bodies. They do this twice, the first time clothed and the second time naked. The length of the piece is dependent on the size and arrangement of the seats.
The contractual terms of Parterre permit it to operate beyond the control of its host and its sponsor. The time and place of the performance are kept completely confidential, and the sponsor agrees to allow its name to be used at any future performance.

March 31st 2009, Maison des Métallos, Paris, France.
Photos: Steeve Beckouet
Courtesy: les gens d'Uterpan


24/11/2017 KVS, Brussels, Belgium, 7:55 pm
29/05/2015 Gamlekinoen, Voss, Norway, 10 am
26/04/2012 Zagrebačko Kazalište Mladih, Zagreb, Croatia, 7.58 pm
16/10/2010 Théâtre National de Chaillot, Paris, France, 8:25 pm
19/06/2010 Deutsche Oper Berlin, Germany, 7:15 pm

18/06/2010 Deutsches Theater, Berlin, Germany, 7:55 pm

17/06/2010 Schaubühne, Berlin, Germany, 7:55 pm
14/06/2010 Théâtre de la Ville, Paris, France, 8:25 pm
08/04/2010 Théâtre de la Cité Internationale, Paris, France, 7:55 pm
27/03/2010 Théâtre National de la Colline, Paris, France, 8:25 pm

12/02/2010 Théâtre de Vanves, Paris, France, 9:10 pm

05/02/2010 Grand Palais, Monumenta, Paris, France, 6:55 pm

29/01/2010 Centre Pompidou (grande salle), Paris, France, 8:25 pm
31/03/2009 Maison des Metallos, Paris, France, 8:28 pm

30/01/2009 Theatre de Vanves, Paris, France, 8:25 pm

Showing of the video of Parterre:

November 25th-29th 2011, 4th International Video Art of Camagüey 2011, Cuba
May 20th-22th 2011, Athens Video Art Festival 2011, Greece
March 4th-6th 2011, Danubevideoartfestival 2011, Grein, Austria

Performers: Franck Apertet, Benjamin Body, Luis Corvalàn Correa, Isabelle David, Camille Dejean, Sophie Demeyer, Evelyne De Weerdt, Matevz Dobaj, Damien Dreux, Cécile Laloy, Deborah Lary, Clémentine Maubon, Olga Osorio, Jérémy Paon, Stève Paulet, Denis Robert, Erika Schipa, David Zagari, Francesca Ziviani

Commissioned by: Théâtre de Vanves/ Revue Mouvement - Festival Clandestin/ CAC Brétigny/ 6th Biennial of contemporary art in Berlin/ Festival Queer Zagreb 2012/ Agalaus-Nasjonal kunstfestival 2015/ Documenta 14 and Cc Strombeek