Pièce en 7 morceaux


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The seven physical positions that make up the figure of the skull which is
behind Salvador Dali in the photo by Philippe Halsman In voluptate mors
(1951) become the material of a performance produced by a group of
dancers. The organizational process and the length of the performance are evaluated according to the register and context of the exhibition in which the piece is presented.

Photo 1: Untitled (Skull) 2009, Giasco Bertoli 
Courtesy of the artist.
Photo 2:  Steeve Beckouet 
Courtesy: CAC Brétigny
Photo 3: Franck Apertet
Courtesy: les gens d'Uterpan


November 12th-16th 2014, MAXXI Museo nazionale delle arti del XXI secolo, Rome, Italy
Exhibition Open Museum Open City
Performers: Anna Basti, Helen Cerina, Guendalina Di Marco, Stefano Fardelli, Leonardo Maietto, Stève Paulet, Ilenia Romano

December 5th 2009, CAC Brétigny, France
 Reversibility, A Theatre of De-Creation 
Performers: Luis Corvalan Correa, Sophie Demeyer, Deborah Lary, Clémentine Maubon, Jeremy Paon, Stève Paulet, Denis Robert