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Having observed the different formats and contexts in which the X-Event cycle took part (choreographic programmes, theatres, exhibition spaces, contemporary art biennials), we initiated an experimental process which establishes a critical reflection of the frameworks of actions invested by the field of performance. Our desire is to reveal the social mechanisms and conventions that link artistic practices and political engagement.

The projects proposed in the re|action process use the conditionings, interpreting vectors of action, contact, and appearance assigned to dance and performance. This attitude creates different ways of managing individuals, dancers, choreographers, and methods of inscription. Our intervention, placed in various contexts, re-assigns a status to the individual citizen, using dance. re|action openly instigates a sharing of responsibility in the artistic process. Each application and each context require a particular implication. The operators of a project assume part of the responsibility in the unfolding and justification of the proposed piece.

The strategy of communication employed before the materialisation of each project is an important aspect of re|action. The elements that make up this aspect are reinterpreted each time, due to the context and its singularity. Their successive appearance creates a coherence that embodies the sense of our action. An archive of the work is created, that provides the durability of the journey that we propose as artists and choreographers.