Other collaborations

Film of the advertising Oral B 2011, director Eric Coignoux / Publicis agency / Independant Production, may 2011

Film of the advertising Caisse d'Epargne 2011, director Robinson Savary / BDDP & fils / Hush Production, january 2011

Activations by Franck Apertet of Marie Cool Fabio Balducci’s works in the exhibition Une vibration inaudible à l’oreille nue, CAC Brétigny, March 21st - April 24th 2010

Film of the advertising campaign Sidaction 2008, director Dimitri
Daniloff / Agence Leo Burnett/ production Marcassin Production

Film of the advertising Hollywood chewing Gum, director Eric Coignoux / agency TBWA / production Partizan Midi Minuit, june 2006

Film of the advertising Gaz de France, director Eric Coignoux / agency
Australie / production Partizan Midi Minuit, july 2005


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Film of the advertising  CIDIL - Les Produits Laitiers, director Eric
Coignoux / agence BETC Euro RSCG / production Partizan Midi Minuit, september 2004

Associated artists to the Theater Gérard Philipe of Saint Denis directed by Stanislas Nordey, season 2000/01.

Collaboration on the direction of Marion Delorme (Victor Hugo) by Eric
Vignier, CDDB Lorient / Théâtre de la Ville, Paris, january 99.